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Bootylicious Bottom Pots


Bootylicious Bottom Pot.
A real cheeky focal point to bring an element of curvaceous gorgeousness to your home decor, or to give as a unique and unusual gift.
Suitable for silk/dried flowers, pens, makeup brushes and more.
Custom colours available on request
9cm tall x 10cm wide.

Please note:
All my pieces are handmade with love and are finished to the highest possible specifications. A lot of planning, time and patience goes into each item. Resin however, is a naturally bubbly substance and as such, there may be a few bubbles, small holes and dimples in the finished product which is unavoidable. I like to think of them as 'perfectly imperfect' and this is what makes them beautiful and unique and sets them aside from mass produced, factory products. No two pieces will ever be the same!

Resin care:
I source only the finest quality, UV stable materials for my pieces which should give you years of pleasure if looked after. Please refer to the care card included with your order.

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